Rep-force offers a full service distribution center to manufacturers of products in need of a Mid-West DC to help them gain a logistic edge on the competition and better serve their customer base. We offer a variety of services which include Warehouseing, Distribution, Delivery, repacking and many more. Our geographic location is right in the heart of the Metal working industry of the United States. Over 40% of the metal working done in the USA is within 300 miles of our location which can provide a competitive edge to our manufacturers. This service is most valuable to our east and west coast manufacturers as well as our International partners. Our minimal charge for this service is either based on a monthly flat fee or on a commission bases depending on what services are needed to meet the needs of the manufacturer.   Our goal in providing these services is to increase the presence of our manufacturers within our territory and provide full service solutions that will make doing business with Rep-Force and our manufacturers that much easier and affordable to our distribution partners. Please contact us if you are in need of such a service.